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Re: Re: How to wifi with ipw3945 on Dell Vostro ???

On Thu, 2007-10-11 at 19:01 +0200, robert caterina wrote:
> hello,
>      From the message of Joost, in which he says he uses a Zyxel AP (i
> suppose that it is a router + wifi combined device, perhaps behind a
> ethernet box from his F.A.I), i deduced that the system (the laptop)
> needs to have a route to the interface having the dhcp service enabled
> on it: in general it is at the output of the ethernet box. That one has
> an IP address of the form and acts as a gateway to connect
> to the internet. But may be i am wrong. Sorry if it is the case.
The ap itself is dhcp'ing so I do not need another dhcp server. 

The strange thing is that suddenly it seemed to work (sloooowly)., but
re-doing the thing I have done leads me to nowhere (not even to
Ozzy ;-): I cannot get my connection back, whatever I do...

I am slowly getting desperate Iand I am thinking of reinstalling Windows
on my laptop as I *really* need wifi on it, on whatever way.

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