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Re: How to wifi with ipw3945 on Dell Vostro ???

* Joost Kraaijeveld <J.Kraaijeveld@Askesis.nl> [2007-10-10 19:43:48 +0200]:

> The card is recognised by the software and it even works somehow  (I can
> see all the wifi networks in my building using wifi-radar). But whatever
> I do I cannot get a  (DHCP) ip address from my Zyxel AP which is using a
> WEP key (and it did when I still used Windows Vist so I know for a fact
> that it is possible). 
> Does anyone have any idea of how to get this card talking to my WEP AP?

I've found that NetworkManager is a good way for laptops.  Has a GUI
applet, too.  For my main laptop, though, I add guessnet, ifupdown, and
wpasupplicant to the mix.

Tux rox!

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