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Dell Vostro 1700 sound problem


I have a brand new Dell Vostro 1700 that works nicely with Debian Lenny
AMD64 latest version of everything.

It appears to do what it should do except the sound: I cannot get it to
make any sound (which it did under the factory installed Windows Vista).
Although I like it to be quite sometimes I really would like to hear my
MP3 collection with rather loud hardrock.

Is there anyone with a similar computer that actually has sound? Anyone
any suggestion of how to get te sound working? 



Joost Kraaijeveld
Askesis B.V.
Molukkenstraat 14
6524NB Nijmegen
tel: 024-3888063 / 06-51855277
fax: 024-3608416
web: www.askesis.nl

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