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Re: Bug in acpi ?

On 7/23/07, Hans-J. Ullrich <hans.ullrich@loop.de> wrote:
Dear maintainer,

as reportbug is still not working for me, I send my bug here:

Try sending a mail manually to submit@bugs.debian.org.
Just copy+paste the mail text from reportbug. Don't forget to add an appropriate
subject line.
Alternatively you could try reportbug-ng, which opens a mailer of your
choice with the bugreport.


Powerbutton is working no more properly, when KDE is active (it is working, if
kdm is started as alone)

This is from acpi-log:

[Mon Jul 23 10:42:35 2007] executing action "/etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh"
[Mon Jul 23 10:42:35 2007] BEGIN HANDLER MESSAGES
DCOPClient::attachInternal. Attach failed Could not open network socket

It executes /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh, I see the following there:
# Otherwise, if KDE is found, try to ask it to logout.
# If KDE is not found, just shutdown now.

And it executes a command like:  /usr/bin/dcop --all-sessions
--all-users ksmserver ksmserver logout 1 2 0

Try executing that command manually and see what happens. Try both as
your current user, and as root.


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