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Re: Bugreports, how to handle

  1. Am Dienstag 17 Juli 2007 schrieben Sie:

> "Hans-J. Ullrich" <hans.ullrich@loop.de> writes:

> > Hello all,

> >

> > I wonder, why I never get any feedback to my reported bugs. I am using

> > the commandline tool "reportbug" and the E-mail-addresse is valid.

> >

> > So my questions: Where should I check of misconfigurations ?


> Do you get an ACK from the BTS? Does http://bugs.debian.org/ show your

> bugs after a while?


No, I never did. None of them. Although, the script says, it has been


> > Who shall report a bug as fixed ? The maintainer or the one, who opened

> > the bug ?


> The usual way, if there is such a thing, is for the new source upload

> to contain a changelog entry with 'Closes: xxxx'. That makes the

> archive software automatically close the respective bugs with the

> version of the upload.


> If that was forgotten than the maintainer or the reportee can close

> the bug, preferably with the right version header for the version

> where the bug was fixed. See the docs on bugs.d.o for details of the

> mail interface.


O.k., I understand, everybody, who issure, the bug is fixed, can confirm it.

> But actualy anyone could close a bug. The more removed you are from

> the bug the surer you should be that you are doing the right thing

> though. Wrongfully closing somone elses bug is hummiliating for

> yourself and anoying to the maintainer and reportee.



> When a bug is closed the reportee gets an email from the BTS. Do you

> get those?


No, I never got an email, maybe, because all my reported bugs were not entered

in the bug-database ?

> MfG

> Goswin



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