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Re: nvidia module issues.

On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 07:05:23AM -0400, Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
> I bought a second (and cheap) nvidia-based graphics card to supplement
> the nvidia video on the motherboard.  I'd installed the nvidia driver
> with no issues, but when I edited xorg.conf and restarted X, the second
> card wouldn't come up.  Xorg.log.0 said the card needed a legacy driver.
> I puzzled a bit.  Was I going to have to rename the original module and
> install the older version?
> So I tried the nv driver for the second card, and it worked!  nvidia_drv
> on one, and nv_drv on the other.

nvidia has been dropping support for cards over about 5 years old from
their drivers, leaving a legacy version to support the older cards.
version 70xx/71xx or so was the last one with support for riva
tnt/tnt2/gf/gf2 and a few others.  I think 75xx/76xx or so was the last
for maybe the gf4.  Unfortunately I guess you can't install both the
legacy and current drivers at the same time, so you can't run something
very modern and something very old at the same time.  You can as noted
run the old card in 2d only mode using the nv driver and that will
probably do just fine (why would you run 3d on something that old when
you have something much newer?)

Len Sorensen

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