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Re: schroot boot up messages


On Wednesday 30 May 2007 14:00, Seb wrote:
> On Wed, 30 May 2007 09:43:54 -0500,
> C M Reinehr <cmr@amsent.com> wrote:
> [...]
> > 	Glad I could help! It probably was just my carelessness as I was
> > cleaning up the mount directory, but afterwards I couldn't start my
> > chroot. After fooling with it for a couple of _days_ I finally looked in
> > my chroot directory and 90% of it was _gone_! At some point I think I
> > started cleaning up the mount directory while parts of the chroot
> > directory still were mounted.
> Yes, that's probably what happened and you butchered the chroot, because I
> noticed that all the directories below /var/lib/schroot/mount are hard
> linked to wherever the chroot is mounted.  I remember reading somewhere
> about someone wiping his/her entire /home (non-chroot!), forgetting it was
> still mounted.  Since then, whenever I do *anything* with any of the
> chroot directories, all my senses concentrate on everything I do then!
> :-)
> :
> > 	Anyway, using type=directory seems to work well and I haven't had
> > any more problems. And, /proc, /home, /etc are bind mounted and
> > unmounted automatically as needed, rather than staying mounted all the
> > time, as with chroot.
> Did you change anything in your /etc/fstab after you began using
> type=directory?
> Thanks a lot for your feedback.
> Cheers,
> --
> Seb

On a final note, while working this afternoon, I ran the mount command (no 
options) and discovered that I still had a live session that, somehow, was 
left over from a week or so ago. So, using type=directory is not a cure for 
what ails us. FWIW, the program holding files open and preventing umount'ing 
is avahi-daemon.

This time, I was smarter and read the manual, and was able to clean things up 
using the following command:

schroot -e -c etch-i386-456cea9b-d8ca-4b50-ae35-28d23e546bcc

where etch-i386-456cea9b-d8ca-4b50-ae35-28d23e546bcc was the name of the 
session (ls /var/lib/schroot/sessions). It shutdown the session and umount'ed 
everything cleaning.


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