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Re: Offtopic : Large hostings and colocations ?where?

On Fri, May 11, 2007 at 08:54:51AM -0500, Igor TAmara wrote:
> Hi, I would like to know if there are services offering machines
> with about 2teras of space and 20mbps of bandwidth, I guess with no
> monthly limit.  In my country, Colombia, we don't have ISP that can
> offer this kind of things in a moderately way.  
> Do you have a recomendation about where can I have a dedicated
> server, or colocation with this info?

No idea.  Never dealt with that.

> Of course, it would be lovely to have it with Debian, or maybe have
> the opportunity to install remotely with my favorite distro.
> Thanks in advance.
> P.D:Do you have a recommendation about buying computers that can
> hold 2Tb of space? would it be possible to have a server of that
> less than U$3000.   I saw  Dell 1430SC, but I would like to know if
> there are similar options

2Tb would really need raid5, so you would be looking at 5*500GB or maybe
4X750GB or 3*1TB, which would make it rather tricky to get a server with
that for under $3000.  $4000 looks much more likely.  Rack mount servers
do cost more, and for hosted systems rack mount is really the only

I really wouldn't want a Dell if it was me.

Len Sorensen

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