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Re: Problem creating 6TB partition...

On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 02:21:37PM +0200, Stefan Drees wrote:
> Hi,
> yesterday i installed debian etch amd64 on an FSC Server with an dell
> md1000 diskarray attached.
> The total size of the diskarray is 6TB and i can see the complete 6TB in
> fdisk and cfdisk.
> If i try to create an 6TB partition, it seems to work but after leavinf
> fdisk or cfdisk
> and reentering it shows me only an 1,5TB partition and i can´create
> another partition.
> Any hints? What can i do?
Some RAID hardware has a physical partition size (or logical disk size,
in terms of what Intel calls it) limitation.  At work we have an HP
StorageWorks tray with ~5.6TB of SCSI disks in it.  The Intel RAID card
which controls does not allow partitions bigger than 2TB.  The solution
for us was to create 3 ~1.8TB partitions and put them together as 3
physical volumes in a LVM volume group.  We then just created one bug
logical volume of ~5.6TB.



Roberto C. Sánchez

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