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dist upgrade, amd64 sarge (unofficial) -> etch

I've been using the unofficial back-port of amd64 Sarge (as I guess a
lot of people here were). This is a production server and work relies on
it, so I've been a little bit hesitant about upgrading from an
unsupported version to an official version, just in case.

I've not read much on this list regarding problems with the upgrade so
am hoping it'll go smoothly.

My old sources.list reads:

   deb http://amd64.debian.net/debian-amd64 stable main

I'm more used to seeing URLs looking like:
   deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian/ stable main

This is my first non-x86 platform, I don't know if the URL is different
because of the different platform or if that was just the source for the
unofficial back-port, and that apt knows it's platform and therefore it
doesn't need to be stated in the sources.list.

If someone can clarify my upgrade path here I'd be grateful.
Justin C by the sea.

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