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Success with HP DC5750


After a loooooong trip the chipset SB600 is working and the speed given
by "hdparm -t " is much better ( > 50Mo/s instead of 1.5Mo/s !) whith
the "Legacy IDE" mode. The DMA is on. But I do not know what is
different in the new kernel (, I have now to figure out which
options did the trick.
I had a test with 2.6.20 (pure SATA) but the kernel did not find the
boot disk even witj a "root=/dev/sda2" (/dev/hda2 in "old" IDE) in
Lilo's file.
I saw also that the 2.6.21 has some SATA improvements I will perhaps
have a run but I do not understand why /dev/sda2 is not found !

Any advice will be wellcomed.


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