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I need help with `rott' bug #419035

Dear AMD64 porters,

as described in bugreport #419035 there are problems with the amd64
version of the `rott' package which I am the maintainer for. The code
compiles well but the binary crashes at start. The code is from 199x and
has been written for DOS, so it's full of 32bit-isms.

In the bug report you will also read about my two main problems with
this issue: (1) I am not the big programmer and (2) I do not have access
to an amd64-machine.

Hey guys, it's up to you. You are the ones who hold knowledge and
experience about this arch. Could you please try and help with with this
bug? The patch does not need to look beautiful, it should only work. ;)

Thank you very much!


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