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Re: ia32-libs, where are they ?

hans-u@t-online.de (Hans-J. Ullrich) writes:

> Hi all, 
> I had to setup my system new. (debian-amd64 on AMD64 X2) To get a 
> 32-bit-application running, I had to install ia32-libs. But take a look of 
> the snapshot with strace:
> You see, there are some libs missing below /emul. I remember in
> earlier times there where more ia32-libs. But now the packages are
> gone.
> Does someone know, where to find them ?
> Especially libopenal is needed. If they are gone, I could install a
> chroot and link to it. Maybe this should work, too.
> Regards
> Hans

Afaik it never was part of ia32-libs and afaik we never reduced the
set of libraries in ia32-libs other than drop libfoo0 while keeping
libfoo1 because debian i386 droped it ages ago already ('foo' just
being an example name). The only other reduction were libraries that
started build 32bit natively, like libc6-i386, lib32z1.

You have a few choice to solve your problem now:

1) make a chroot

2) copy the lib manualy to /emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib and run ldconfig

3) use 'deb-reversion -k /bin/sh' to move the files around to /emul
and change the architecture entry in the i386 deb. You can make a
script for this and use it instead of /bin/sh to automate the change
for future versions.

4) File a bugreport against ia32-libs detailing why you need the
library, sepcifically what software needs it. But that won't help you
for etch. And unless your software is halfway common or free as in
beer (so we can test it works) the library might not get added.

On the other hand I might get my apt-get-multiarch package into a
releasable state that automates the conversion of most libs in the
ia32-libs style on the fly. That would obsolete most of ia32-libs and
solve your problem at the same time.


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