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Re: nspluginwrapper: postinstallation


before my post, I read the README, but not the README.Debian (no comment :-))

Any how, I should try first with flash as it works quite well.
I guess that something is wrong with the acroread plugin.

Thanks again,

Rob Andrews wrote:
On 06-Apr-2007 17:21.24 (BST), Jerome BENOIT wrote:
 > I have just tried to install nspluginwrapper:
 > what is not clear to me is how to install a 32bit plugin afterward.
 > I guess that we must do it by hand, so I tried to install one plugin
 > (acroread 7.0.8): iceweasel froze !
> > Any success story is welcomed.

I wrote a quick guide on how to use nspluginwrapper. It can be found in:


Really, all you want to do is install the plugin somewhere (I use
$HOME/.mozilla/plugins32) and then run:

    nspluginwrapper -i $HOME/.mozilla/plugins32/<plugin-filename>

Then restart your browser.

If you have any problems with the package please feel free to email me.


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