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Re: when is etch safe to access internet?

On Sun December 31 2006 11:45, Douglas Tutty wrote:
> Hi,
> Two interrelated questions:
> Short question:  when can my Etch amd64 box access the net via dialup
> safely?  At one point recently in relation to Etch (pre RC1), there was
> mention somewhre (perhaps the relase notes of the time) [sorry for my
> spottty memory]  that a testing box should not be connected directly to
> the internet.  I can't find that anymore.  Right now I'm connected via
> an old 486 with a failing NIC.  Now that Etch is frozen, is it safe to
> connect directly with the modem?

I have not heard/read that before. Personally I wouldn't be more concerned 
about connecting a computer to the net with a modem or nic. Mind what you've 
read though, I probably wouldn't even notice a security announcement re: 

> Long question:  How is security and etch transition from testing to
> stable handled?  The release and security pages say that the testing
> distribution does not get security updates.  Does this mean that Etch
> must wait to be 'stable' before security is addressed or is it just a
> hand-off from the individual maintainers to the security team?  This
> could suggest that there will be some security holes between the time it
> is released and when security updates are produced.

The security team does release security updates for testing when needed, I run 
etch and I do have s.d.o in my sources.list.

> I guess everyone is getting itchy for etch (etchy?).

I'm etchy already, and loving it.. :)

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