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Re: Change in e-mail

On Friday 29 December 2006 03:53, N._John_DiNardo_ wrote:
> I no longer use this e-mail address.
> To contact me, please use
> dinardo@drexel.edu instead.
> N. John DiNardo, Ph.D.
> Professor of Physics
> Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Got to love automatic responses, I guess it's too hard to unsubscribe from 
a mailing list.

This does bring up a good question does Debian in general do a list clean 
up? I mean like unsubscribe those e-mails that bounce, or are redirected 
back to list server.  I know that it is the user who is responsibile for 
keeping track of what the mailing list they subscribe too. But I assume 
some addresses have problems, and then you have to consider the spam.


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