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Machine Check Exception

Today, for the first time, I got this message during boot (just after
some messages from ohcihcd):

CPU 0: Machine Check Exception:                                    4
Bank 4:  b200000000070f0f
TSC a38a02f0b
This is not a software problem!
Run through mcelog --ascii to decode and contact your hardware vendor
Kernel panic - not syncing: Machine check

Well, mcelog --ascii does not help much, to say the truth:
HARDWARE ERROR. This is *NOT* a software problem!
Please contact your hardware vendor
CPU 0 4 northbridge TSC a38a02f0b
  Northbridge Watchdog error
       bit57 = processor context corrupt
       bit61 = error uncorrected
  bus error 'generic participation, request timed out
      generic error mem transaction
      generic access, level generic'
STATUS b200000000070f0f MCGSTATUS 4

The processor is an Athlon 64 3000+, on a Asus K8U-X motherboard.

The error first appeared just after I plugged a USB webcam in my system.
However, both times resetting the system made it boot correctly.

So, how should that messages be interpreted?

Experience is the worst teacher.  It always gives the test first and
the instruction afterward.


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