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Re: corrupted kernel module files with 2.6.18-3 on ext3

On Tuesday 19 December 2006 21:20, Stephen Olander Waters wrote:
> I've run into this weird filesystem and/or kernel problem where my
> kernel module files get corrupted (they live on my root partition).
> This is my root partition. To fix it (temporarily) I boot into rescue
> mode, shutdown networking and various daemons, unmount other
> filesystems, and issue "mount -o ro,remount /" to remount / readonly. I
> run fsck on it and it fixes the problems, though sometimes the modules
> are deleted and I have to reinstall the kernel package.
> Has anyone else noticed this?  Should I just file a debian bug and
> forget about it or should I report it to the ext3 maintainers or...?

At work I have a sid i386 with the same sort of problem.
ls works, ls -l gives an error message.
On top of that I can't login into KDE, can't open new files with KDE programs 
under gnome.
I can still work with the box, but it is sub-optimal.
Didn't have the time to look into it, but yes i have noticed it.


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