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Re: a few simple questions about AMD64 version of Debian

--- Freddie Cash <fcash-ml@sd73.bc.ca> wrote:

> On Tuesday 19 December 2006 10:03 am, Francesco
> Pietra wrote:
> > ---
> LeLennartoSorensenlslsorensescsclubwuwaterlooa>
> > I agree about Tyan, though the staff refused to
> talk
> > with Linux users, which I did not appreciate
> much). A
> Like they say, YMMV, results not typical.  :)
> I've had excellent exchanges with their tech support
> staff via e-mail, and 
> all my messages to them start off by detailing our
> use of FreeBSD and 
> Debian on the servers.

Unfortunately I throw away the correspondence, though
it was with Tyan Europe. This may explain, if you are
in Canada. Anyway, the question was not about Linux,
just because I had no problem in managing the
mainboard, it was about details of their hardware. I
mentioned I use debian, and they said "we do not
answer". At any event, water that passes away. Surely,
however, next mainboard will not be Tyan, as long as I
eraim in Europe.

  The few problems we've had
> with the Thunder K8 
> series of boards have all come down to faulty riser
> cards (our supplier 
> was using the free ones that came with the rackmount
> case, and not any of 
> the ones on the Tyan compatibility lists).  I've
> actually been quite 
> impressed with the Tyan support people.
> > warning: with my S2895 Thunder K8WE on amamd etch
> I
> > had problems with Maxtor HD for hard work
> (parallel
> > computations with MPMP for several days
> > uninterruptedly Alternatively one of the two HDs
> > crashed after some hours work, though it was
> > reconstructed on the way by Linux-driven raid1;
> the
> > calculations suffered heavily, however. On
> restarting,
> > everything was in order, until next crash,
> however.
> > Mouw (The Netherlands) sorry, don't remember the
> > correct spelling) suggested that that series of
> Maxtor
> > might have problems with the nForceh chipsets on
> the
>                               ^^^^^^^^^
> I've spent the last three years doing absolutely
> everything possible to 
> avoid the nForce chipsets (which is getting
> increasingly harder to 
> do).  :)  We don't have any servers running nVidia
> chipsets, I'm proud to 
> say (going all the way back to our dual-AthlonMP
> systems).  They are all 
> AMD 8000-series and VIA chipsets.  As such, we have
> had no stability 
> problems or driver issues running FreeBSD and Debian
> (32-bit and 64-bit 
> versions).  It's too bad AMD stopped producing their
> own chipsets, they 
> were some very nice server chipsets.
> Hopefully the merger with ATi means they'll be
> making new chipsets, and 
> not just gamer/pro-sumer chipsets, but real,
> server-class chipsets.
> We have just this school year introduced client
> systems running nForce 
> (don't remember if its nForce3 or nForce4) chipsets,
> and that was only so 
> we could get proper 3D support for our Linux
> diskless clients without 
> needing a separate video card (these are tiny boxes,
> and we're trying to 
> limit the power requirements).
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