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RE: Athenians, Chappy's & Ham

The chappy's delivery is set for this Friday, 12-15.   Do you still want
it changed?
Thanks for the note. 

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Subject: Athenians, Chappy's & Ham


1)	Linda & I want to thank you & Paulette, again, for inviting us
to dinner & 
your Athenian Ball. I very much enjoyed meeting & talking with Raymond &
Marsha (what was their last name, again?) and with Elizabeth & her
friend. (I confess, I've forgotten his name.) The ball, as always, was
fun, but we especially like going out with you & Paulette.

2)	I am reminded by Linda to ask you to reschedule our Chappy's
lunch to 
Thursday, 21 December, instead of the following Friday, please. We
already have plans for a Xmas party that day. And, thanks again, for
thinking of us at Xmas. Every one here enjoys this.

3)	And, thanks, yet again! Your Deramus Family ham arrived
yesterday. I 
especially like your ham. I don't think there's nothing better than
good, country ham! (Actually, Linda's not a really big lover of country
ham, but I make up for it!) I'll bake it some time between now & New
Year's & we'll eat off it for the next three months.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's!

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