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etch RC1 installer

Aimed at adding X to my amd64 etch workstation, I
wonder whether X is treated in amd64 (no 32 chroot,
pure 64 as far as it may be pur) like in i386.

In a new installation of i386 etch netinstall with
latest etch RC1, no nvidia driver was installed. I
took notice of what was installed for X, though I
would like to be directed to where learning in detail
how X is managed this way.

Specific to i386, while the machine has an Athlon k7
linux-image-2.6.17-2-486 (2.6.17-9)
linux-image-2.6-486 (2.617+2)
were installed instead of the avilable k7 equivalents.
Should I better reoplace them with the latter ones?

GNOME was installed (without asking for a choice,
which turned out to be favorable because now I have
nice printing, although I dislike automatic mounting
of devices). With KDE I had recently unresolved
unacceptance of root password, while I never succeeded
to print from KDE; I had to print from applications,
such as openoffice or al.)

Thanks for answering before I go to install X on the
amd64 machine, which I have to treat with special

francesco pietra

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