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Re: installing skype on 64 bit debian.

Am Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2006 19:11 schrieb Anton Piatek:
> I am trying to get skype running on an amd64 machine.
> As it is only 32 bit I am trying to do it using linux32, and found
> instructions saying to install all required libraries manually like
>  dpkg -X libqt3-mt_3.3.7-1_i386.deb /emul/ia32-linux/
> However this messy, not to mention slow.
> Is there a "debian" way to install a bunch of 32 bit libraries so that 32
> bit programs can run?
> Anton
HI Anton,

just install ia32-libs.

Most of the programs should work with it.
Another way is to install a chroot with 32-bit and use those libraries.

Please take a look here:


Maybe this would help.

Best regards


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