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Re: kernel 2.6.19: system freeze with blinking CapsLock and ScrollLock leds

On Wed, Dec 06, 2006 at 04:01:28PM -0800, Max A. wrote:
> I'd like to learn a reason for this kernel panic but I'm using X and
> cannot afford waiting in the text console for hours in hope to get
> this kernel panic. Moreover, it may be crucial for kernel panic to
> have X running.
> Why kernel in the case of panic cannot simply switch the screen to the
> text mode and print out a message there?

Because switching modes requires knowledge of the video chip registers,
something the X driver has, but the kernel does not.  Running with a
serial console can be very handy, so that another machine connected to
the serial port can capture all the output in minicom, and then you will
have a much better chance of getting someone to help solve the crash.
It is quite possible that X is part of the cause.  If you are running
with the ati or nvidia binary drivers, they could be the cause, in which
case there isn't much anyone but the supplier can do to fix a problem.

Len Sorensen

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