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Re: Updating gcc

On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 07:58:52PM -0300, Federico Izuel wrote:
> Hi, I have a problem and I wonder if you could help me. I have GNU/Liunux
> Debian Sarge Amd64, and I'm trying to install a wireless drivers, but as I have
> gcc 3.3 and kernel is compiled with gcc 3.4, when I complill the driver I can't
> load it, so I need to upgrade gcc to 3.4 version, but I couldn't... I try with
> apt-get, and I thing gcc 3.4 is now installed, but when I use "make" it still
> using gcc 3.3.5
> How can I fix it??

1. cd /usr/bin
2. rm gcc
3. ln -s gcc-3.4 gcc

and it will use gcc-3.4 from now on....


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