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Re: Help: NO longer boots ;<

helices wrote:
* Anders Brandt Petersen <anders@wizardry.dk> [2006:11:12:22:56:23+0100] scribed:
helices wrote:
No, it does NOT complete bootup.  Instead, it leaves me in that
initramfs shell ;<

Will `update-initramfs -c` work there?
No that would create a new initrd - you are inside the initrd (Busybox). Is the root pointing to the correct harddisk. Heard stories of the dev changing at boot: You can see the root device in grub and see in the messages when the system boots what devices are detected. If they are different then you can change it in grub before booting.

This system uses lilo.

Can you boot on another kernel? If not then I would use a bootcd/ramdisk have a look at the system and probably chroot into the system and try to create a new initrd/reinstall kernel.

Apparently, that is the only kernel, because lilo does NOT pause at the
red menu.

The major complication is that root, and ALL partitions, are inside LVM.
That is the part that confuses me.  I do NOT want to try something
destructive -- at least, until I have NO more options ;>

What do you think?

You haven't made it easy.

Does it detect your LVM's?

Did it refer to a different root device than the ones getting detected, because it could be that the BIOS could be configured to a different bootorder so it points to the correct device?

I have no experience in saving LVMs in a chroot env. I don't know if it will automatically map the LVM's if you use a bootdevice - what could go wrong it is not in a RAID also?

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