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Re: mosix and debian amd64

On Wed, 8 Nov 2006, Sythos wrote:

If you are looking for a HPC cluster look MPI cluster packages

(open)Mosix is a completely different beast, it can coexist with MPI (and
actually make it more effective). It's a sophisticated load-balancing system
which turns a cluster in a (sort of) single system image computer
transparently. Running MPI applications on top of an openMosix cluster will
let your MPI processes spread in the most effective way over your cluster,
moving and shuffling them around to keep all available processors as busy as
possible. I used to use it a lot (very satisfactorily) as long as I could
get along with 2.4.x kernels. Now, since I need 2.6.x kernels for my amd64
machines, I had to (temporarily) give up on openMosix, but I plan to resume
using it as soon as it's usable and decently reliable on my machines.



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