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Re: AMD64-generic doesn't see all 4GB RAM?

On Tuesday 07 November 2006 10:32 am, John Hannfield wrote:
> Actually, Joost or others, do you know what difference the memCLK BIOS
> setting has?
> With "MTRR" set to discreet, and "Memhole Mapping" set to software
> control my system boots fine, and I can see 4GB RAM. However, I then
> install xen then it won't boot. It fails activating the second core of
> the CPU.  If I change memCLK
> from the default (200Mhz) to 100Mhz it boots fine, but then it only
> shows 3GB RAM.
> Is this memCLK specific to the Opteron or my RAM or what?
> Is there a guide to all these Hammer configurcation paramemters
> anywhere?

Use the 2.6.18-2-xen-amd64 kernel from Unstable (along with xen 3.0.3), 
and everything will work correctly with those BIOS settings.  Haven't 
tracked down exactly what the issue is, but 2.6.16 and 2.6.17 Xen kernels 
on my AMD64 systems won't boot.
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