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Call for help in debugging the gaphical installer on AMD64


As you may know, Etch will include a new graphical (GTK on DirectFB) frontend to cdebconf: currently it works quite well on AMD64 too, but it's currently affected by a bug (#373253, #396520) i cannot debug as i have no AMD64 hardware. Shortly, the graphical frontend produces output on VT5 and when the user switches to another VT, cdebconf crashes and is restarted. If you have some time to spend working on this, you'll have to check wether this bug is reproducible on a regular debian system too.

This requires installing libdirectfb-0.9-25 and libdirectfb-dev packages and booting the kernel with fb support activated (e.g. by passing
"video=vesa vga=788" to the kernel).
Now, compile and install DirectFB example applications [1] on your system and run each df_* application in turn.
While an application is running, please switch to vt1 (ctrl-alt-f1) and
then back to vt7 to see if you can produce a crash.

Please cc me in answers as im not subscribed to debian-amd64.

many thanks

Attilio Fiandrotti

[1] http://www.directfb.org/downloads/Extras/DirectFB-examples-0.9.25.tar.gz

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