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Re: LUKS encrypted removable drives and Gnome

--- Vitezslav Kotrla <vitko@post.cz> ha scritto: 

> Is anyone using LUKS encrypted removable drives in
> Gnome desktop? What
> is your experience?
> When I plug-in my encrypted USB drive, Nautilus
> shows it properly in
> "Computer" place. When I click on the device's icon,
> I expect some
> dialog asking for passphrase; but window saying
> "Opening ..." appears
> instead and waits indefinitely.

I have the same system - LUKS encrypted -with my USB
external HD, but when I connect the USBDisk, I insert
the passphrase in the box and it runs correctly.
This is my expirience with debian testing amd64.
I have no idea why it doesn't run on your system.


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