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Re: xorg problem and 404 error on bugs

>Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.  Here's the
>startx, get lowres.  CA+ doesn't change much, all 60 Hz refresh.  The
>monitor is a 21" drafting flat CRT capable of high refresh and highres.
I have just configured a new core2duo sid box, but still xorg, and it
has nvidia card 7950gtx or something (very nice card, latest/greatest),
totally supported, but sligtly difft config fm normal... You need the
nvidia-kernel* package, you might need to roll-your-own kernel   
(probably  not, but things usually do work better ) with the
nvidia-kernel-source and you need the nvidia X driver from nvidia-glx
dpkg and you can configure the xorg.conf with nvidia-xconfig or
nvidia-settings debs... there is more complete documentation here:

... and here:


there are warnings about using the nvidia drivers from nvidia's web
site ... this is one that is really a lot easier if you read a little

Dave Moscrip

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