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xorg problem and 404 error on bugs

I'm running Etch amd64 and trying to get xorg working, am having a
problem and trying to find the answer for myself.  I go to the debian
web site and try to look for relavent bugs (my first time doing this)
and find 381612 re dpkg-reconfigure not updating xorg.conf because it
says its been modified when it hasn't.  I can't find out how to read
discussion on this issue.

I then go to the mailing list archives and find some relavant threads
but get a 404 error when I try to access them, e.g under debian-testing 
"xserver-xorg-core installing problem" gets 404 error for

Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.  Here's the

Hardware: Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe AM2 with AMD64 Athlon 3800+, video card is 
Asus EN7300GT (nVidia GeForce 7300GT), 1 GB ram. Dual 80 GB SATA hard
drives raid1/lvm.

Using aptitude, install xorg and get all the dependencies OK.
Seemingly normal debconf questions.

startx, get lowres.  CA+ doesn't change much, all 60 Hz refresh.  The
monitor is a 21" drafting flat CRT capable of high refresh and highres.

Check the xorg.conf file and see that its using the vesa driver at
1024x768, 800x600, and 640x480.

Try running dpkg-reconfigure and get the same message as bug 381612
about not updating xorg.conf because its bee altered.  I would like to
see if there's a workaround for this bug but don't know how.

I would like to know how to track this down for myself.  Is this the
right mailing list?

I would like to have it use the nv driver.

I would like higher res/refresh.



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