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Re: smartmontools

On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 08:27:58AM +0000, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> How to activate SMART at booth with amd64 etch raid1?
> Apparently
> start_smartd=yes
> in /etc/default/smartmontools does not work (unlike in non-raid i386 etch pc).

Log messages? I suspect you'd have to change your /etc/smartd.conf from
AUTODETECT to specific addressing the disks (including the -d ata flag).

> To check hds i had to command from terminal window:
> #smartctl -s on -d ata /dev/sda
> #smartctl -s on -d ata /dev/sdb
> Which is the way to get SMART activated at boot?

smartd tries to start, but with AUTODETECT enabled it probably does NOT
detect the disks (since one has to go thru libata for this).
This behaviour might change with the next release of smartmontools; please
check with their sf.net site.


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