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Re: i386 or amd64?

On Sat October 7 2006 01:07 pm, dtutty@porchlight.ca wrote:
> Hello,
> I've just about finished building my new computer and need to decide
> which Debian port to install (i386 vs AMD64).

I have both on my amd64 box. I use the i386 for games mostly, and viewing web 
pages that need flash as well as OpenOffice.

> Hardware:
> 	Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard
> 	AMD AM2 Athlon 64 3800+ (The best AM2 not on long back-order)
> 	One 1-GB stick of 800 MHz ECC ram
> 	Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm, 80 GB SATA drive
> 	Asus EN7300GT/silent PCI-E video card, based on nVidia 7300GT
> 	All housed in a CoolerMaster Stacker STC-T01 with 6 fans.
> 	Running an Intergraph 21" flat CRT drafting monitor.
> What software packages available for i386 will not be ready for AMD64
> when Etch becomes stable and is released (in December?)?

The unofficial sarge amd64 is very near complete and serves me well, looks 
like the upcoming amd64 etch release will be very much like i386 release. 
Etch is going to be a very impressive release by the look of things, seems it 
will include OOo this time around.. :)

> i.e. is there anything that I've listed below that I wouldn't be able to
> do if I installed the AMD64 version?
> Thanks,
> Doug.
> -----------
> Software I routinely use:
> 	lout
> 	gv, xpdf (prefer gv but some downloaded pdfs don't show in gv)
> 	gnumeric
> 	xfig
> 	gqview
> 	lynx
> 	dillo (because its faster on my 486 than Mozilla)
> 	Mozilla (because many websites need java/script and https,
> 		frames, better rendering)

I use gnumeric, lynx and mozilla with no difficulty.

> 	gworldclock
> 	xcdroast
> 	workman (listen to CDs)
> Software I don't use:
> 	flashplayer

Good, I dunno when a 64 bit flash player will be available. Linux or 

> Software I hope to use soon:
> 	listen to realaudio on the internet (e.g. access CBC radio
> 		archives)
> 	watch short video clips (e.b. www.cbc.ca/news)

This one is also my PIA. Realplayer seems to be the only solution and it 
doesn't work well on i386 (in my experience) and isn't available for amd64. 
If you find a solution let us all know.. :)

> 	interact with my new Palm Zire 31
> 		including transfering music from CD to MP3 and putting
> 		it on the Palm.
> 	watch DVDs

Just about any media player can be used to watch DVD's. I like Kaffeine. 
You'll need libdvdcss2 (available from debian-multimedia.org).

> Software I hope to use later:
> 	Using hardware MPEG encoding, transfer video from VHS, clean up,
> 		remove commercials, and save as DVDs.

Check debian-multimedia.org. That's about the best there is for MM apps for 

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