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Re: Xorg problems after the last upgrade

On 9/28/06, Martin Jambor <jambormartin@gmail.com> wrote:

after yesterdays update  (sid on amd64) my fluxbox  and kdm are unable
to write  any text to  many places such  as window title bars  and the
bottom status bar. Furthermore (and more importantly!) my aterm cannot
use  my colors  defined in  /etc/X11/rgb.txt. Xorg  log looks  fine. I
tried   reinstalling   xfs,   reconfiguring   xorg(manually   and   by
dpkg-reconfigure), all  that I  could think of  but with no  luck. Any

I upgraded kernel to 2.6.18 and NVidia stuff to a version supportinx
Xorg 7.1 and got my fonts back. However, /etc/X11/rgb.txt is still
ignored even  when I explicitly set the path. I guess I'll file a bug


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