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Re: [Pkg-uml-devel] [Help] build/test user-mode-linux and rootstrap on amd64

Stefano Melchior wrote:
On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 11:54:49AM +0200, Mattia Dongili wrote:
Dear all,
I am going to plan a help on your amd64, once I download and installed it
on my pc.

Let me try. Maybe the "debian-amd64" list subscribers may help on this way
of testing uml on amd64.
This message already was a call for help on the debian-amd64 list (see?
it's cc'ed).

sorry, my english is not perfect: I meant to say that the amd64 guys can
state if the vmware use can be enough to avoid to have a amd64 cpu pc to
test uml. If at the moment I can not afford it, can I emulate the arch
with vmware? this is the question.

VMWare can only emulate an AMD64 system on a modern AMD64 host (e.g. an Intel processor with EM64T and VT support)

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