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Re: xmgrace, wxmaxima, recompiling once more

Gudjon I. Gudjonsson wrote:
> Hi Mandolo
>    Have you tried to recompile maxima and wxmaxima? Did factor(10!) work?

No, apt-build failed for me. Perhaps because I use a mixture from testing
(preferred) and unstable. What I did was to test the debian site package
(which was buggy) and the one you provide (which works fine).
> you have time you may try xmgrace as well, if you can reproduce the error I 
> would be very happy. I don't use xmgrace but I am interested in letting the 
> Debian distribution work properly.

I can launch grace_5.1.20-1 or grace6_5.99.1+dev4-1 from official debian
repository with no problems. Could you please tell me how to get a crash?

> Regards
> Gudjon
It's time to go to bed

Best Regards,

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