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xmgrace on double processor machines

Hi once again
   Hope I'm not boring you. I got a hint from a user that had no problems with 
xmgrace. I tried more and to my surprise it works perfectly on my single 
processor machine but when doing
File->Print Setup
on my double processor machine and clicking "Browse" always results in:
*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (out): 0x000000000092f3b0 ***

It is the only program that crashes on that machine so I guess the machine is 

Is there any possibility that this bug may be confined to multi processor 


Þann Mánudagur 25 september 2006 17:41 skrifaðir þú:
> Hi
>    Wonder if anyone reads my emails but anyway. Sorry but I was wrong
> yesterday. xmgrace segfaulted as well after recompiling. But I downloaded
> lesstif 0.95 and made one of my dirty Debian packages out of it, recompiled
> grace and it worked perfectly. Haven't been able to make it crash still. If
> anyone is willing to try it out, both lesstif and grace can be found at:
> deb http://mve035.mc2.chalmers.se/~gudjon/debian/amd64/ ./
> Regards
> Gudjon

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