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Re: ia32-libs-dev missing

"Gudjon I. Gudjonsson" <gudjon@mc2.chalmers.se> writes:

> Hi
>    Can anyone explain to me why ia32-libs-dev is missing from the Debian 
> distribution?
> Regards
> Gudjon

When we split out libc6,  zlib, libgcc because their own source
package builds the 32bit version the amd64 part of ia32-libs lost all
the -dev packages so ia32-libs-dev was just empty.

We have 3 things that might happen before etch and we will try to get
at least one done. Liste in order of preference:

1) Split ia32-libs into seperate source packages and build eperate
debs. This would make it simpler to upgrade a single package and would
give finer grained depends. At that point we would add a few
ia32-libfoo-dev packages to compile e.g. wine. This is about 95% done
but every time I think I'm ready to upload I find some bug.


2) Reintroduce ia32-libs-dev and populated it with a few packages.


3) Add the missing symlinks needed to compile wine to ia32-libs.

Consider 3 as the ultimate fallback if we run out of time.


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