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Re: Shutdown problem on Tyan S2875 opteron SMP


On 9/16/06, garrone <pgarrone@acay.com.au> wrote:
> >The command "shutdown -h" does not completely poweroff the system
> >for kernels 2.6.11, 2.6.12, and 2.6.16. However 2.6.8 does
> >turn off as it should!
Thanks. I was momentarily excited that 2.6.8 worked but the others
didnt, suggesting that the problem was with the linux kernel rather
than the board. However the situation where some kernel versions
work and others don't now suggests to me that the problem is more likely
to be with the board than the kernel. The linux code seems to follow
the standard pretty closely. I tried 2.6.17 and that does
not work either. I am running bios 3.03.

Maybe I am stating the obvious, but have you had a look at and
compared  the configurations of the kernels that do and don't work?

I run vanilla kernels and whenever such problems arise (on both amd64
and i386) it is most certainly my configuration error, not a kernel
version issue (there have been exceptions like burning through ATA
etc. though).



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