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Re: dpkg errors

Hi Eric:
Using the net installer of 19 July daily built (which I had saved from last 
successful installation), there is no problem. I am already at grub 
installation (while I am sending to the waste the net installer of 2 
September. I lost one and half day around that evil CD.

You could use even an older net installer.


Hi Eric:
Thank you for the message.

I am waiting for suggestions how to turn around. I left the computer on at the 
stage of "Preparing to configure flex" in the hope that the problem can be 
turned around without starting again from scratch.

Should no suggestion arrive in a couple of hours, I'll try with the old 
installer. Is that the Cluster Configuration System is wrong in the 2 Sept 
installer? I'll let you know.


On Wednesday 13 September 2006 11:05, Eric Lemoine wrote:
> Hi!
> I read on debian-user@lists.debian.org about your problem with the
> installation of the ccs package.
> dpkg: error processing usrp (--configure):
>  subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1
> Setting up ccs (1.02.00-8) ...
> Starting cluster configuration system: Failed to connect to cluster
> manager. Hint: Magma plugins are not in the right spot.
> invoke-rc.d: initscript ccs, action "start" failed.
> I have the same exact problem here. Have found any way to work this out?
> Thanks,

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