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amd64 installer

I have installed debian amd64 etch raid1 software from net installer (June 
beta2 release) three times without problems (dual core opteron, Tyan K8WE 

For a new installation (having changed disks and disk size) with net installer 
newly downloaded 2 September I created raid1 and chose a mirror 
(ftp.uni.koeln.de) to install "standard system" only.

cat /proc/mdstat 
shows perfect raid1

Mail configuration: "local delivery only; not on a network' as on previous 

It begins downloading, then at "Preparing to configure flex" (22%) it does not 
go on , at least not during one and half hour. 

This is the second trial; on the first I chose debian.mines.impl-nancy.fr as 
mirror, dropping into the same problem.

Should I resume the June beta 2 installer? (I still have the disk).

Thanks for helping

francesco pietra

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