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Hi all:
Has anyone tried to install povray debian package and run it on either a 32bit 
machine or a chroot on amd64? I would like to embellish with povray a series 
of lectures. I tried on a 32bit etch debian machine. Apparently it installs 
correctly, however I was unable to get command lines accepted. Asking help 
the povray unix support, after a series of suggestions and failures, the 
answer was that the debian package is broken:

>Please download and install the *official* POV-Ray for Linux distribution
>to replace the broken Debian package:


        >Download the file above, unpack with 'tar xvjf 
>cd to the newly created directory, run the 'install' script and follow the
>instructions.  You should then be done with a working povray binary.


I guess the problem is not a broken package, rather undertsanding correctly 
the indications on /etc/povray/3.6/povray.conf and adopting in the HOME 
povray.conf equally restrictive, or less restrictive, positions. Thanks for 
reporting your experience
francesco pietra

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