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Re: [POLL] To continue 64 or not?

Użytkownik edwardsa <edwardsa@afrl.kirtland.af.mil> napisał:
>I have a question about your claim of performance degradation. See below.

> ...

>Is this degradation true for all applications? To be clear, are you 
>saying that if
>I compile a fortran code using either pgi, or the 64-bit libraries of 
>g77, that it will run more slowly on a 32-bit compatible distro than it 
>will on a pure-64 bit Debian?
>If so, why?

I wrote: "...as someone mentioned here some time ago, this 32bit
compatiblity makes them slower than pure 64bit debian..."

But it turned out that no one mentioned it here (on the list) - I searched
the list archive and havent found the info and have just remembered that
I read it here:

"...While architectures like sparc64 or powerpc64, which provide lib for
default 32bit libraries and lib64 for extra 64bit libraries, default to
executing 32bit applications, amd64 defaults to 64bit binaries because of
the performance benefits it offers in 64bit mode..."

So I don't know exactly what are the benefits, but am beliving what was
written on the above given site. And I don't know why there is a
performance degradation.

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