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Re: how to setup KDE or Gnome

Jo Shields wrote:
> A.E.Lawrence wrote:
>> Nobody has mentioned /etc/inittab in this thread so far.
>> ISTR that I just had to assign a run level to include kde/gdm/whatever.
>> Runlevel 2 is usually  kept for text alone which is very useful indeed
>> when your GUI goes belly up.
>> ael
> That's a redhatism. Debian runs at runlevel 2 by default, including
> graphical stuff.

That is what I expected, but not what seemed to have been installed.
Perhaps a broken package. But a small adjustment on inittab and the
right links in the /etc/rcn.d directories fixed the problems which
others seem to be reporting...

Since the GUI does seem to get broken rather often, I value a text only
runlevel ...


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