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Can't install -- locks up

I can't install debian, the installer just keeps locking up / hanging
at seeming random parts of the installation.

I just upgraded my computer's hardware of a computer that was running
winxp. I changed out the motherboard, powersupply, CPU and hard drive.

Here are the hardware specs:

MB: 9NPA EPoX nForce 4 Ultra Motherboard
RAM: 3 sticks PC 2700 (1.75 gb)
HD: Samsung Sata 2
CPU: AMD X2 dual core 3800+

Etch/testing "netinstall" from Aug 17, 2006

Selected ftp.debian.us (something like that) mirror
Created 2 partitions (1 swap, 1 reiserfs)
Setup SMTP
Hung on lib6 installation

attempt #2: hung on "grub-install (hg0)"

Not sure what is wrong. RAM timings with motherboard (ram is good
though, I didn't upgrade it), bad hardware, bad installer version on
that day, etc.

Any thoughts?


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