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chroot with NIS


I have never set up or used a chroot environment, but am forced to set one
up in a new AMD64 system, to be able to run some 32 bit apps such as
openoffice.org.  I would like to install an easily "reversible" chroot
environment; i.e. one that can be removed very easily.  I have read some
suggestions that setting up a chroot environment with NIS working as a
client, and the 64 bit system as a server may be the cleanest way to do
this.  I have installed NIS, and read its documentation, but being
completely inexperienced with it, can't make much sense of it.  It would
really help if I could see some configuration files (/etc/ypserv.conf,
/etc/ypserv.securenets, /etc/default/nis, /etc/yp.conf).  I would
appreciate it if somebody can share these config files, whether in the
context of setting up a chroot or not.  Comments on alternatives or
critiques would also be very welcome.  Thanks in advance.



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