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Re: [Little OT] grub and udev root device

Thanks for the info guys!

Sounds like too much of a headache to go much further.

I guess my idea about this came from a different problem I was thinking 
about. Maybe you have some ideas about it.
Here it is.

I have a software raid as / with 4 sata drives. (sda,sdb,sdc,sdd)
If I lose a drive (say sdc), completely, and the system reboots, the system 
will see 3 drives from sda-sdc. 
Since sdc isn't the drive that its supposed to be, couldn't this totally 
corrupt the array?
What should happen is the system should only see sda,sdb and sdd.

So what if I used udev and created the software raid arrays via mdadm.conf 
with devices like /dev/sata1 and /dev/sata2 and so on. 
Since my /boot is /dev/md0 and / is /dev/md1 I wonder if this would work?

Do you think there may be some other way to avoid this problem?

Thanks again for all your help! :)


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