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Re: muttprint doesn't want to play

This one time, at band camp, Clive Menzies said:
> Hi
> I've just done a fresh install (etch beta3) and upgraded to sid.  I
> can't seem to get muttprint to work.  I've got other installs on other
> partitions and I'm using the same $home partition and the muttrc works
> fine elswhere.
> When I hit 'p' to print a mail, I get the following:
> Could not open  at /usr/bin/muttprint line 1752, <STDIN> line 46.
> Any ideas as to what the problem may be?

Line 1752 is 
open (LFILE, ">>$Temp{logf}") or die "Could not open $Temp{logf}";

in the printLog subroutine.  This means $Temp{logf} is undefined for
some reason.  It should normally be /tmp/muttprint.log.  Try running it
with debugging a few times and see if you get anything interesting.

Take care,
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