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Re: 3.1r3 lkdi status

On Sunday 30 July 2006 21:00, dann frazier wrote:
> Here's the status of the lkdi rebuilds for 3.1r3.

Thanks Dann.

> l-k-di-amd64-2.6: build available in gluck:~dannf/3.1r3-lkdi-rebuilds
>                   amd64 guys: should i upload this somewhere?

They should preferably end up in:

I notice that there already are some packages listed there:

- cdebconf 0.74.2
- e2fsprogs 1.37-2sarge1
- os-prober 1.04

  These three are already in stable for the other arches!

- preseed 1.01.1

  This one should AFAIK still be in p-u for other arches, but seems to
  have disappeared there. This needs to be investigated.
  Martin, Andreas: any idea what happened to them?

> l-k-di-m68k-2.6: porter poked for update
> l-k-di-[hppa,i386,ia64,powerpc,sparc]-2.6: uploaded

Suggest we wait for the m68k build to become available and then accept the 
whole lot together into p-u.

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