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ATI-driver 3D Acceleration on Acer Aspire 5022

Hi folks,

still I got 3D-acceleration NOT to work, better say, working bad.
Acceleration is working, but still slow (yes, it is all activated and checked)

Now I found this advice:

-------------- snip ----------

Broken MTRR Problem (3D Acceleration doesn't work)
It seems Acer's BIOS doesn't properly report the amount of memory in the 
machine to the OS. This causes the Kernel to have the wrong MTRR information 
and 3D Acceleration to not work, even if the ATI drivers are installed 
properly. To fix this add the following to /etc/rc.local:
# Broken /proc/mtrr fix so that graphics card works
echo "disable=0" >| /proc/mtrr
echo "disable=0" >| /proc/mtrr
echo "base=0x00000000 size=0x40000000 type=write-back" >| /proc/mtrr

Note that this is for machines with 1GB of RAM. If you have a different amount 
replace the number after size= with the relevant one from this list:
0x10000000 = 256 MB
0x20000000 = 512 MB
0x40000000 = 1024 MB
0x80000000 = 2048 MB
Now reboot the machine and you should have 3D Acceleration working, test it by 
running glxgears - the number should be about 4,000 FPS. Be careful if you 
run these commands manually - you should be in runlevel 3 and even then it 
can cause strange behaviour until a reboot is done. 

---------------- snap ----------------------------------

Seems to me like a hardware problem !

But what the hell is this "/etc/rc.local" on Debian-systems ? I cannot find it 
anywhere, due to its different achitecture. Can some specialist help me ?

Thanks in advance !

Best regards



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